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Why Should I Vaccinate My Rabbit? Bunny Vaccination Tips

Why Should I Vaccinate My Rabbit? Bunny Vaccination Tips

Many new rabbit owners seem confused when it comes to vaccination. They might ask questions like, Can I vaccinate my rabbit at home?

Does my Rabbit need vaccination even if it lives indoors? Should I vaccinate a maven if I have only one bunny?

Well, let me explain.

The first strain of RHDV (Calicivirus) known as the Czech strain, was released by the Australian Government in 1996.  This was soon followed by numerous controlled releases of RHDV1 & RHDV-K5. RHDV2 virus mysteriously appeared in 2015 & to date, no-one knows where it came from. (Rabbitsanctuary.com

If you are serious about your bunny’s health, you must pay special heed to the vaccination process. This article will clear all of your confusions associated with the vaccination of your bunny.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Why Do I Need To Vaccinate My Bunny?

vaccinate my rabbit

The main purpose of the rabbit vaccination is to keep you safe from the Calici Virus that causes rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease. 

This virus turns out to be very dangerous as it is entirely fatal for the bunnies. But you will not believe me when I say that…

It is released into the atmosphere regularly and deliberately by wildlife professionals and coworkers. The reason is quite simple. They intend to maintain the rapidly growing rabbit population using this viral technique. 

The impact of this technique is very powerful, and almost all the unvaccinated bunnies die. As we know that wild rabbits are never vaccinated, as they do not have any caretakers like you!

But the problem arises when your bunny dies and you are left empty-handed. At this time, all your repents are going in vain. 

So, before it is too late, consider the vaccination of your bunny so that the sick atmosphere will not have an impact on your beloved pet.

What Are The Symptoms?

When this virus affects the bunny, there are very few apparent symptoms however internal organ bleeding starts that might remain unnoticed until your bunny dies. 

So if you have found your bunny dead without any outward signs and symptoms, you must get an idea that it might be due to your indifferent behavior towards the vaccination of your bunny.

In rare cases, a bloody discharge is observed from the nose or any other portion of the rabbit’s body, but again this stage is irreversible, and you should get ready to face the death of your bunny. 

Can Indoor Bunnies Get Calicivirus?

Vaccination is for every bunny. The virus can surely reach your indoor bunny. 

Let me give you the scientific explanation!

The calicivirus is “fomite” transmitted, so if anything touches the affected bunny, it can carry out the virus and can bring it anywhere. So whenever your bunny or any household object comes in contact with the carrier object, the virus enters your home. 

Now I hope you have enough idea that it is quite important to vaccinate your infected bunny as well. 

You may ask:

What are some carriers that can bring the virus inside my house?

Well, there are a lot of things that can play the role of carriers and can transmit the virus right to your bunny. Some of these carriers include wind, car wheels, shoes, hand, clothes, and handbags. 

Even the bird droppings and hay may also contain this virus as it is released into the atmosphere. So, you cannot say what can bring the virus to your house. 

Even if you are confident enough that your bunny can live without vaccination, keep in mind that he can also get the virus directly from the wind. 

So it is a reasonable approach to keep everything fine and perfectly OK from your side. 

When Should I Vaccinate My Bunny?

If your rabbit is 10-12 months old, it is the perfect time to vaccinate him. There is no need to vaccinate the smaller rabbit however, it is important to consider vaccination if your bunny is above the age of 12 weeks and still hasn’t been vaccinated. 

After the first booster is given between 10-12 weeks of age, the second booster is given exactly after a month. So keep on introducing a new booster after every month, for a period of six months. 

This will surely protect your bunny from any future health problems related to viruses. 

Does the Vaccine Hurt The Bunny?

Although the vaccination process does not have long-lasting effects, almost 10% of the bunnies go through the transient malaise. As a result, they become less responsive, more peaceful, calm, and lethargic. Moreover, they can be quiet, less active, and go off their food a little for 12-24 hours.

Another side effect is that your bunny might get sore at the injection site. You can easily recognize the soreness as the fur will elevate from that particular portion. 

The good news?

Your bunny may develop two or three hurt symptoms after the vaccination, but it is far better than losing the life of the bunny.

These problems will go away within a few days, and you will have a more confident and active bunny.

Can I Give Vaccine Injection By Myself?

As a pet owner, you might feel interested in knowing is it really possible to vaccinate my rabbit in the comfort of my home? Can I do it by myself?

The simple and straightforward answer is NO and we never recommend baseless and inexperienced tries. Always go to the vet for vaccination of your bunny. 

No matter how much experienced you are as a bunny owner, leave the vaccination process to your doctor. 

So what are you waiting for? If your rabbit has touched the age of 10 months, you should go for a checkup today. 

Handling the vaccine on your own is not good. Accidental injection of the vaccine into human hands has led to the loss of fingers!

So keep you and your bunny safe, and prepare your bunny for vaccination. Keep smiling!

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