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Top 5 Worth Knowing Mistakes Rabbit Owners Make

Top 5 Worth Knowing Mistakes Rabbit Owners Make

Want to know the mistakes rabbit owners make? STICK AROUND!

Rabbits are smart and lovely creatures and are very often adopted as pets, but the fact is they are highly misunderstood. If you are a new rabbit owner, you should not be taking your bunny so lightly. 

Every year thousands of rabbits are abandoned due to misunderstandings that result in the deaths of the rabbits. 

They are rewarding and faithful pets, but their liveliness depends upon how you treat them. Over and above all, you should not be taking this pet so lightly. And before proceeding with any step like bathing, you must seek the help of the expert rabbit keeper of the vet.

If you are a new pet owner, you should avoid the following mistakes. Let’s break each element down and discuss them one by one. Avoid these mistakes Rabbit owners make and enjoy your petting experience

Exposing Your Bunny To The Outside Environment


The outside Environment is good and even necessary for some pets, but the rabbits are entirely different. Being fragile, soft, and fearing creatures, spending time outdoors is not good for bunnies. 

You should keep in mind that rabbits cannot withstand immediate cold and hot weather changes, and cannot face other harsh environmental circumstances. 

If you think keeping your rabbit outside is good for his overall playfulness and growth, then you are entirely wrong. Unlike dogs and cats, the bunnies never enjoy the outside environment and often keep in fearing the predators and harsh weather conditions. Keeping the bunny indoors will soon make him a part of your family and he will become familiar with the family members. 

Do Not Hand over The Bunny To Kids

Small kids often complain about not having pets. If your kids are also waiting for some cute pets, rabbits may not be a good choice. These creatures need extra full-time care and they can never be part-time starters. 

They need litter training to keep all the dirt in a single place. Moreover, rabbits often get uncontrollable and keep on jumping, scratching, or biting. In such cases, your kid may get hurt and starts to hate these creatures. As a result, it is never advisable to hand these creatures in the hands of immature and inexperienced kids, who do more bad than good. 

Want to know the worst part?

Kids can never handle these creatures and often get hurt or injured. They love to hold the bunny in their hands. 

Some small bunnies look so extraordinarily attractive and become accustomed to our lifestyles. But rabbits may drop from the hands of the kids, and often get hurt. Their backbones are fragile and can be broken so easily. So the overall full-time interaction of the kids with rabbits has never been the right decision. 

Keeping the Bunny Always In The Bunny Cages

mistakes rabbit owners make

You keep your rabbit inside the cage all the time? Change your behavior with your bunny. It is an extremely wrong thing to put your bunny in the cage. 

Rabbits are social and jumping animals by nature. They often get bored when they do not get enough space to enjoy themselves. As a result, they fall prey to various health problems such as obesity, backbone pain, and other deformities. These tiny cages retard their overall growth and badly affect the curiosity of these creatures. So, they just keep on looking outside and desiring to check everything outside. 

Do you want to be such a cruel being to put them in the cage, and not even allow the bunnies to enjoy indoors?

Of course, not!

The minimum thing that you can do to make your bunny happy is to let him enjoy the indoors for at least five hours a day. I think every bunny pet keeper can provide freedom of movement for a few hours. 

Not Spaying Or Neutering

Do you think it is unnatural to spay your bunny? Believe me, it’s not! So even if you do not want to consider this option, let me tell you the biggest benefit, and that is the prevention of unwanted litters. 

Well, I know you now enough convinced.

So the main reason the bunny is spaying is not that he doesn’t have a mate. 

Let me make it Crystal clear with an example. 

Recent research shows that unspayed female rabbits are highly susceptible to developing cancers, and 80% of them fall victim to this disease before reaching the age of 6. 

Here you might ask:

Is it necessary to spay the male bunnies as well?

Yes! because they also get uncontrolled if left unspayed. Often, they become so arrogant and cause damage. One of the worst things that I have observed among the unspayed bunnies is spraying urine on the walls and everywhere. Even if you have trained these bunnies to use the litter box, they will refuse. 

In nutshell, if you want to keep your bunny relaxed and stress-free, consider spaying them. 

Bathing Your Rabbit

Say goodbye to bathing. Trust me, the word bathing does not apply to rabbits. Water is like hell for them. On one side, they are self-cleaning animals while on the other side, they can be easily given dry baths. Water is not necessary for its cleanliness. 

It is a common observation that many new pet owners bathe their newly bought bunnies without even asking the experienced person. It can take a lot of bunny’s lives and can be dangerous for their overall health. 

This brings up the question!

Sometimes the bunnies become very dirty and filthy, then why do they not remove their dirt in such cases?

Keep in mind, a dirty rabbit means that your bunny is sick, and needs some special care. In such cases, you should give a dry bath to your bunny using the cornstarch. 

The Bottom Line

Are you ready for your new pet? It is not that easy to look after the bunny. You need to become a more responsible owner to see long-living bunnies near you.

Now you have read all about the mistakes Rabbit owners make, share your tips and ideas by commenting below.

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