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Is Tea Tree Oil For Rabbits’ ear mites? A Detailed Guide

Is Tea Tree Oil  For Rabbits’ ear mites? A Detailed Guide

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is famous for its antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It has proved to be a wonderful medication for various diseases of different pets like cats and dogs. 

However, if we particularly talk about bunnies, the whole discussion turns out to be a bit tricky. 

All of us know that rabbits are pet animals like cats and dogs, but they are extremely sensitive and cannot withstand even mild toxicity. 

Here you may ask:

Is tea tree oil toxic to rabbits? Is it good for getting rid of fleas or fungus on rabbits? 

This article will guide you in detail about the effectiveness of tea tree oil on rabbits, and also explain why vets do not recommend home remedies related to essential oils for the rabbits.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Tea Tree Oil and Is It Good For Rabbits?

tea tree oil

Melaleuca alternifolia is an Australian plant, and we distill the Melaleuca oil from this plant. It has various antiseptic uses for human beings and other pets but it is not good for bunnies. 

OK, I know what you are thinking right now! 

You seem to think about the diluted quantities of tea tree oil, so here it is worth mentioning that even extremely diluted quantities of this oil are toxic for rabbits and can become the sudden cause of a rabbit’s death. 

You may wonder, but I must tell you that even if you are using the tea tree oil for any other purposes in the same room where your rabbit spends most of his time, it can still lead to death. 


There are various ways in which rabbits can get into direct contact or become exposed to tea tree oil. For example, inhalation, skin contact, and many other unknown reasons. 

The heart of the matter is that this oil is extremely harmful to the rabbits and even the slight exposure can cause serious health concerns for the rabbit. 

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe To Rabbits?

There is a dire need to create awareness about the right usage of tea tree oil among the pet owners and bunny keepers. The reason is quite logical and comprehensive. 

Most rabbit owners and pet keepers try different kinds of essential oils as home remedies to protect bunnies from various diseases and health issues. In most cases, they try to protect rabbits from getting bacterial infections. 

However, tea tree oil can cause more harm than good for rabbits. 

But here is the kicker for you. 

You can use small highly diluted quantities of this tea tree oil in pet creams and bunny shampoos for the treatment of fungal problems. 

But listen! 

You should not be trying this at home without the guidelines of the vet. Let me remind you that it can take the lives of all of your bunnies and your petting journey can come to an end, even if you are slightly careless about it. 

There are commercial forms of tea tree oil available in the market. Some of them are extremely dangerous but are diluted for the use of pets. However if you are going to use any essential oil for your bunny, keep in mind that not every rabbit can withstand the essential oil inhalation and ingestion. 

Does Tea Tree Oil Kills the Ear Mites In Rabbits?

As we have discussed earlier that despite the life-threatening circumstances, tea tree oil has some antiseptic effects also. According to modern research, tea tree oil is strong enough to kill the ear mites in rabbits. It can also help to remove all kinds of ear infections that may keep.in disturbing your rabbit all the time. 

There is a lot of absorption of this oil in the rabbit’s skin, and it has positive effects as well.

Bit there is another side of the story as well. 

If we look upon the toxic effects, that are too much as compared to the benefits. The commercial medicines are specially designed and you can never compare them with home tricks. 

So even if it can kill mites in rabbits, we no longer need to know the benefits of this oil. If you are a newbie and keep on finding new ways to protect your bunny from ear infections and other health issues, you will go through a lot of websites that promise that the use of tea tree oil will solve all of the bacterial and fungal issues of your rabbit.

Such companies and their websites are only focused on branding and do not spread authentic information. 

Symptoms Of Tea Tree Oil Toxicity

If you are a pet owner and have tried different kinds of essential oils for your rabbit, you may get confused this time. This oil is not only harmful but also causes various symptoms, so the problem can easily be noticed and you may not need a vet visit. It is very crucial to know the symptoms of Toxicity as a rabbit pet owner, so you may choose for timely treatment. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

  • If your rabbit is looking dull and lazy, there are many chances that he is being affected by this essential oil. You will notice characteristic anxiety that will reveal that your Bunny got affected. 
  • If your bunny has decreased control over the back portion and the limbs do not appear to be working so actively, be aware!
  • Loss of consciousness is very rare among rabbits. However, if you observe that your bunny is in a coma and showing involuntary movements, it is time for emergency handling. 

There are many other signs as well like lethargic condition, excessive salivation, Ataxia, Paresis, and much more. Doctors have observed a lot of toxicity even at the lowest exposure. So it is an overall harmful essential oil, and we can never obtain any considerable benefits out of it. 

Wrapping Up

Now you have read all about the tea tree oil and its impact on rabbits, share Your thoughts in the comment section. 

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