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3 Smart & Clever Ways To Save Baby Bunnies From Dogs

3 Smart & Clever Ways To Save Baby Bunnies From Dogs

Baby rabbits are very small, easy-to-catch, and soft, thus often become the main catch of the canines. This article is focused on clever and highly creative ways to save baby bunnies from dogs.

The fact is, dogs are not hunters by nature but like other animals, they do possess predator instinct. So, although it is not common for dogs to catch rabbits, it is their instinct that gives rise to such actions as killing baby bunnies..

In many cases, bunnies are very careful about the dogs and do not fall easy prey to them. But baby rabbits are not very fast and tactful, and more easily caught by the canines. 

But dogs do not always kill the baby bunnies!

Sometimes, dogs also run after the baby rabbits for the sake of enjoyment and draining their energy. 

Whatever the reason is, no one likes the dog who kills the baby rabbits, neither the rabbit owner nor the parent rabbits. So we should try to prevent this dreadful behavior of dogs, and do our best to save baby bunnies from dogs.

What Can Prevent Dogs From Eating Baby Bunnies?

save baby bunnies from dogs

As we have discussed earlier, dogs uncommonly attack the baby bunnies however as a part of the natural energy cycle, they are often compelled to kill them. Thus, even if it happens rarely, no one can bear this kind of action. As human beings, we are responsible to avoid the dog’s attack on the baby bunnies and can train the puppy to remain away from the small creatures. 

Dogs understand human gestures, so pet dogs learn to avoid baby bunnies if we follow some strategies. 

Here are some methods that can surely prevent the dogs’ attacks on baby bunnies.

Desensitize Your Dog

Teach your dog to ignore the bunnies at all. For this purpose, you will need to put the bunny toy in front of the dog, and then keep it away whenever the dog tries to touch it. It will bring a big change in the overall behavior of the bunnies and they will learn to ignore the bunnies in real life as well. 

At first, your dog will not learn to ignore, but at the point when you feel the change, immediately reward the dog with some treats or other attractive toys to play with. 

It is possible with the deep observation of the bunny’s body language and provoking the desensitizing behavior in the dogs. Very soon they will learn to be indifferent to the toy bunnies as well as the real baby rabbits.

Treats are necessary as they bring positive reinforcement and motivation among the puppies. 

Prevent Your Dog From Chasing The Rabbit

save baby bunnies from dogs

When the dogs keenly watch the jumping and playing little bunnies, they get excited and try to chase. For dogs, following the bunnies is something very interesting and thrilling. 

But the fact is,

It is not good for your baby bunnies. Whenever your dog finds a chance to chase, stop him either by holding him physically or removing a certain treatment because there are many chances that your dog will eat the rabbit altogether after the chase. 

We can understand that you can not always hold the dog, so the best solution is to keep your dog on the leash, and let your baby bunnies burrow. It is particularly important to fasten your dog whenever you go for a walk.

You should also follow the following tips to prevent your dog from chasing the rabbit.

  • Use the power of positive reinforcement and teach your dog to “sit”. Once your dog will learn, he will understand your sign and immediately sit whenever you want.
  • Put your hand on the head of the dog, and slightly force him to sit. He will soon learn to sit whenever you touch his head.
  • Say your dog, “sit” and immediately serve him with a treat. This practice is more useful than any other attempt to control the behavior of the dog. 
  • Whenever there is a baby bunny near the dog, show him the treat and slowly take it away from the dog, so he will learn that the good thing is away from the baby bunny. In this way, your dog will not harm the baby bunnies even if he will see them near him.

It is a fact that chasing appeals to the dogs, and you should keep on practicing the above-mentioned ways to avoid it. 

Distract Your Dog

Not all the dogs are obedient. So if all your attempts go in vain and you completely fail to train your dog, this technique will truly work for you. 

Distracting your dog is the only option left if your dog is filled with obsession.

Let’s see how you can do this.

You have pet bunnies, and dogs, so there are many chances that both pets face each other. To prevent the attack of dogs on baby bunnies (who are tender and cannot hop away so quickly) try to divert the attention of the dog whenever he stares at the baby bunnies.

For this purpose, immediately show him the treat and touch it to his nose, and ask your dog to look at it. After a few seconds, give it to the dog. In this way, the dog will learn to get diverted and distracted so easily. 

Keep doing this again and again (several times a day), until your dog will learn to distract even without the food, and will start looking away from the bunny whenever you call him.

How To Protect Bunny Nests & Camouflage The Babies From Danger?

Rabbits create shallow, bowl-like nests to protect their babies, using their fur, dry grass, and leaves. Baby bunnies spend almost three weeks entirely in the nests, and the mother rabbit only visits and feeds them twice a day.

As the baby bunnies do not have a smell, they do not get easily spotted by the dogs. However, if the dog notices the visits of mother rabbits, he will immediately explore the nest and attack the baby bunnies. 

To avoid this, add more grass and keep your dog away from the mother rabbit when she comes to feed her babies.

Save Baby Bunnies From Dogs Now!

Now you have read this article, share your experiences in the comment section below.  

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