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Killer Ways To Keep Your Rabbit Busy- Entertaining Your Bunny

Killer Ways To Keep Your Rabbit Busy- Entertaining Your Bunny

Whether you are a full-time bunny keeper or a pet owner, you cannot spend all of your time with your bunny. Various other things go side by side, so you must have knowledge about the ways to keep your rabbit busy.

In this era of modernism and technology, we as humans, are even busier in our digital businesses. 

Bunnies are small and creative animals with a very sensitive nature. They soon start feeling bored and may even get severe depression if you do not make them busy. 

Offer treats

Your bunny loves to smell and find out what you have for him. If your bunny is extremely silent and quiet, you can offer him delicious treats. 

But here you may ask:

How long will this treat keep your bunny busy? 

A well-hidden treat is something that will keep your bunny entertained for a long time. The most favorite treat of your bunny can be leaves and hay. 

The first step is to present this treat in the most enticing way, that comes out to be entirely irresistible. 

Still, confused?

Well, I have some ideas for you such as wrap up the leaves in the tissue role or make a parcel by folding the ends of the cardboard. 

Even if your treat is hidden somewhere in the box or soft piece of cloth, the bunny will burrow and keep on struggling until he finds that out. 

It is one of the most interesting ways to keep the bunny busy, however, it is not going to work if the bunny is too depressed, or with a full tummy.

So there are some other ways to keep your bunny busy. 

Give Him Company

ways to keep your rabbit busy

Rabbit loves continuous interaction not only with other bunnies but also with human beings. The surest way to keep the bunny happy is to increase his interaction with fellow bunnies and other human beings

So if you are busy and cannot give enough time to your bunny, hire a bunny keeper or a pet sitter until you finish your tasks successfully. 

A wonderful companionship is something that can truly transform your bunny’s behavior and he learns to live with friendliness, liveliness, and delight. 

Sometimes, you do not have someone and you are bound to leave your bunny alone. In such cases, you are unable to provide any company to your bunny. 

So there are some other tips for you as well that can help you out. 

Let’s have a look at them as well. 

Give Your Bunny Something to Chew

You may not have focused on this idea. But it is gonna work. 

Rabbit loves to chew and remain busy for an hour or two until someone disturbs him or he might get diverted due to some noise. 

There are a lot of friendly items available in the market that you can use as a chewing material for your bunny. 

Some of such things can be:

  • Applewood
  • Willow
  • Specialized chewing gums for bunnies


Here is another benefit of giving chewing gums to your bunny as well. And that is the chewing habit is also good for your bunny’s teeth. 

So it is one of the beneficial hobbies for your bunny and will maintain the right size of the bunny teeth as well. 

This, whether you are looking for some manageable remedy to keep your size at the optimum shape or want to keep your rabbit busy with some healthy activity for a long, this is the perfect option. 

Your bunny will just love it. 

Put Rabbit Perches At Various Places

Bunnies have a very clear and wide vision and thus love to see around. Their round eyes never give them a chance to relax even for a while. They love to watch everything in their environment and always remain alert about their predators. 

Putting perches at various places in the bunny’s room will make him look all around. He will also hop up and jump. 

This solution will work for you even if you cannot give enough time to the bunny. The best part is it will not cost you much and the perches are the permanent solution. 

With perches, you no longer need to hire a pet sitter, and different specialized perches are available in the market that will ensure the safety and excitement of your bunny. 

Give Him Ball

ways to keep your rabbit busy

Bunnies love throwing things, but it is not always good. So if you keep your bunny from throwing things, and he is feeling confused and alone, give him a ball. 

A small air-filled ball or balloon is something that can keep your bunny for hours.

Instead of wasting money on other popular toys, simply give him a ball and see what happens. 

The interesting part?

You will observe your bunny is binkying and jumping in a purely childish way, and if you have more than one bunny, you will enjoy their game. 

I bet they will not fight or harm each other. Then, what are you waiting for?

Buy a ball today and give it to your bunny. 

Hang A String

You have read about the treats, but this is something different from the hidden treat. 

Attach a rabbit-friendly string with the wall or ceiling of the rabbit’s room and attach some fruits and vegetables using the hooks. These edibles will make the bunny busy and exciting. He will keep on trying to grab some visible piece of treat. It also creates a sense of achievement in the bunny, so he will learn and enjoy it. 

This process will entirely remove the shyness, and boredom of the rabbit. 

It is a harmless process as soon as you change the vegetables and fruits daily and replace them with fresh ones. 

Implement The Ways To Keep Your Rabbit Busy

I want to sum up the whole discussion by saying that the heart of the matter is to satisfy the rabbit’s instincts creatively. 

So try these wonderful tips and tricks to keep your bunny entertained. 

Have more ideas?

Feel free to share them in the comments section. 

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