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How To Litter Train Your Rabbit – An Ultimate Guide

How To Litter Train Your Rabbit – An Ultimate Guide

Have you ever thought that you can litter train your pet bunnies? Is it practically possible? Yes. In this article, I am going to guide you about how to litter train your rabbit and how you can do this very easily.  I am going to discuss the most adaptable and practical ways. 

Essential components required for litter training

litter train your rabbit

Here is the list of ingredients that you will need for this training.

  • Litter box
  • Right litter
  • Cage (optional)
  • A mat, rug, or safe paper
  • Urine-soaked paper
  • Disinfectant
  • Hay
  • Potty scoop

Steps Needed to litter train your rabbit

I will teach you in simple steps.

Choose the right litter box

As you know this litter box will serve as a toilet for the rabbit. So you have to select the right litter area. This litter box can be the litter pan or a medium-sized tray. Make sure the place is compact and comfortable for the rabbit. It should be large enough so that the rabbit can easily fit in. 

Choose a convenient location for the litter box

If you want to train your rabbit in a room, choose the location that is easy for the rabbit to adapt to.  I suggest you train your rabbit in a small area. It can be a store, a small study, or a cage. Cage is preferred if you are having difficulty in providing training in the room because some rabbits don’t learn quickly in a large room.  Avoid any location where obstacles are present. The easy and soft path will enhance the learning output. A very rough or shiny room is not recommended for training.

Provide multiple pooping sites

You can arrange multiple litter boxes if you are using the room for the training purpose. This can also guide you about his likes and which litter box is more suitable for him. These litter options are beneficial in the quick intellectual stimulation of rabbits, and they learn fast. You will also become aware of the rabbit’s choice.

Place mat or rug in the litter box

It is a necessary step otherwise the floor will be dirty. A soft mat or rug will absorb the extra poop and prevent it from spreading uncontrollably.  Moreover, a shiny or slippery place is not recommended because a rabbit may slip or become afraid of seeing his reflection. 

Put some hay and litter in the litter box

Don’t try to provide a very neat and clean pooping site to the rabbit. Otherwise, he will not learn to poop there. Cover the litter box with some litter. Also, put some hay in the litter box to make it an attractive place for the rabbit. Urine-soaked paper is also needed for absorption of urine. 

Remain available in the training room

As you are going to train your rabbit, so you are a trainer and the rabbit is your student. You must remain in the room as much as possible. Why? Because whenever your rabbit will try to poop somewhere else out of the box, softly and gently pick him up and put him in the litter box.  When the rabbit will observe that the litter is already present, he will gain an understanding of pooping in the litter box.

Clean the litter box regularly

Don’t forget to clean the litter box whenever it is piled up. Apply the disinfectant after washing the tray or pan. Put new litter and fresh hay every time. Rabbits are sensitive animals and they need a germ-free environment. Otherwise, you might also get some infection while treating your pet bunny. You can use a potty scoop for cleaning purposes.

Make a routine

Put your rabbit in the box after small intervals. It will build a deep sense and understanding in your pet regarding the pooping site. Even if he has to poop or not, put him in the box after every 15 or 20 minutes. Do this for the first week of your training. 

Appreciate your rabbit for a job well done

If you observe an improvement in the learning process, don’t forget to treat him brilliantly. You can do this by tapping him softly at the back or giving him more delicious fiber food. Ignore the small mistakes of your pet during training. Don’t scold or treat him like a human.  Be calm, kind, and loving towards him. 

Learned to litter train your rabbit? Apply the above steps

Once your rabbit will learn to poop, you can enjoy yourself with him in the whole house and have fun. It will take a bit of your time and energy but the results will be amazing. When they learn to poop in the litter box, you can put litter boxes in the whole house. Hence, you can fearlessly play with him anywhere in the house.

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