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An Ultimate Guide To Keep Rabbits Safe Inside The House

An Ultimate Guide To Keep Rabbits Safe Inside The House

Whether you’ve adopted a new rabbit, or need more information to keep your bunnies safe, this article will help you in understanding everything on how to keep rabbits safe inside the house. 

As we know that rabbits are very safe inside the house as compared to outdoors, still you should make all the necessary arrangements to keep rabbits highly protected even indoors. 

The most important thing is to protect your rabbit from predators and harsh weather conditions. 

If you are a rabbit owner, you have various options to ensure safety like using bunny condos, bunny-proofed rooms, or rabbit cages. 

When you’ll learn to keep your rabbit entirely safe, he will become a sweet part of your family and live with you like friends. 

Use The Bunny-Proofed Room

Have you ever heard of the bunny-proofed room? It is a room containing all the facilities for the rabbit such as a litter box, food dishes, water bowls, hay, mats, and more. You should put the chair mat under the food dishes and water bowl so that your rabbit will learn the dining etiquette. Moreover, it will also catch any kind of spills and accidents. 

Why a bunny-proofed room and not a cage? 

The fact is not every rabbit grows well in the bunny cage, especially if you love to train the rabbit and treat it like a family member, a bunny-proofed room is the best choice. 

It gives the rabbit full freedom to enjoy, find more leisurely places, exploring new things, and running at the top speeds. As a result, your rabbit will be a more groomed pet bunny and learn to face challenges and withstand the weather conditions that other restricted rabbits cannot. 

A bunny-proofed room is a place that is free from predators and contains all the necessary facilities for the grooming of your pet rabbit. 

But we are not through yet!

We understand the needs of pet bunnies and know that at times they may want to get away from the bunny-proofed room for a while. So, we suggest adding the touch of uniqueness by introducing the cardboard castles in the rabbit-proof area. As we know that pet rabbits are more sociable and adventurous, so playing in the castles will help in the nourishment of their personality. 

Here it is worth mentioning that not everyone can afford to treat the rabbit in such a special way and arrange a bunny-proofed room for safety. So, we have other options as well.

keep rabbits safe

Build Bunny Condos

A well-designed bunny condo will not only keep your rabbit safe but also give him a chance to watch everything out of the condo and enjoy. 

Many materials can be used to make the condo including repurposed furniture, metal, wood, and wires. 

However, do not use chicken wires because the bunnies can chew the wire and hurt themselves. And if you are going to design the bunny combo using metal, keep the slats reasonably close, so your rabbit will not injure his head by passing it through the slats. 

Looking for an easy way to build a bunny condo?

In many years of experience, we have learned a lot about bunny condos. So, we can surely redirect you to the easiest way. 

That is…

Buy the storage cubes and build bunny condos out of them. Using wire storage cubes is a highly inexpensive option and you can easily purchase them online on Amazon or Walmart. You can not only customize them into different arrangements but also change them into a highly attractive bunny condo.

How Bunny Condo will keep your rabbit safe?

It will keep your rabbit safe from pet cats, bobcats, dogs, and other predators. Moreover, the confined area will keep your rabbit less overwhelmed, so there are fewer chances of getting it injured. It will not only lower the stress but also protect it from accidents. 

Rabbit Cages

We do not recommend using the rabbit cages all the time. But after you give plenty of time to your rabbit to enjoy out of the cage under your supervision, you should put your bunny inside the cage when you are busy. So, even if the rabbit cage provides the least amount of space, it is totally OK. 

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to use the small cage only. You can use a big-sized cage depending upon the space. All you need to do is to consider the sizes and number of bunnies that you want to accommodate in one cage.

The bigger the better!

Choose the location of your cage where your rabbit does not feel alone and bored. Moreover, the cage should contain all the necessities like toys, litter box, food, and water. 

Some Tips To Keep Rabbits Safe Inside The House

Here are some tips that will ensure the safety of your bunny.

  • If you are going to use the rabbit pen, make sure to keep the walls high enough, as the pens are without tops. We recommend keeping it as high as 36 inches, so the rabbit will not be able to jump over. 
  • If you use the plastic chair mat, use the material that your bunny cannot ingest, as bunnies tend to chew almost everything.
  • Do not use the wire bottoms for the cage, otherwise, your rabbit will feel uncomfortable and even can get injured. 
  • Never use glass aquariums in the cage or the pen. Sometimes they are large enough as compared to the cage and block the air circulation. 
  • Introduce a tile or piece of cardboard in the cage so that your rabbit will be able to lie on and take a rest on it. 
  • Clean the cage, pen, or condo regularly to prevent your rabbit from diseases. 

The Bottom Line

Now you have read in detail how to keep rabbits safe inside the house, what are some other suggestions that you may give to the rabbit owners and pet keepers? Do you find this article helpful?

Do a quick comment below and share your thoughts right now.

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