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How To Determine Sex Of The Rabbit? [Gender Guide]

How To Determine Sex Of The Rabbit?  [Gender Guide]

Want to determine the sex of the rabbit(s)? You should. 

Whether you have one rabbit or a group of rabbits, gender knowledge will not only help you in setting the appropriate names but will also guide you about the unwanted normal or false pregnancy risks. Sometimes you need to spay the female to avoid the potential danger of uterine cancers. All this can be only done if you exactly know what is the gender of your rabbit.

This article will guide you in detail on how to determine the sex of the rabbit. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

Check the age of your rabbit

The rabbits start breeding at the age of 12. So, if your rabbit kits are living in the combined groups, make sure to separate them around the age of 3 months.

It is not possible to determine the sex of a newborn rabbit, so wait for at least 4 weeks before starting the gender analysis.

Already have an adult rabbit? Start with it!

If it’s your first time, you won’t be able to determine the sex of kits. But don’t worry, the presence of an adult rabbit in the group can give you a clue. 

Closely look at the adult parents and check to whom the kit resembles. If it is more closely related to the mother, it can be a female rabbit and vice versa. 

Although it is not the surest way to find gender, it can help you when you don’t have any other knowledge.

Check the rabbit genitals

Just as we know the rabbit’s genitals are present between its back two legs. So you may take the help of another person to check the gender. Once you have another person to help you, cover your lap with the towel (to prevent rabbit urination) and lay the rabbit with its legs in the upward direction. Now check the shape and structure of the rabbit genitals.

It is advised to use the gloves to prevent any infections that you may get by directly touching the rabbit’s genitals. A similar checkup is done by the veterinarian to check the genital infection of the bunnies.

Identifying the sex of the rabbit

All you need to do is to closely look at the external genitalia of the rabbit. The first step is to part the fur and while holding him softly. A slight hard touch can cause your bunny to scream, so it is necessary to handle it with extra softness. 

You can take the help of another person who should gently soothe him if he squirms uncontrollably. The rabbit does this because he may feel that you are going to hurt him. So, be very friendly and kind while handling his private parts. 

Find the testicles

Male rabbits have narrow and long testicles. You can easily see the testicles on the external portion of the body. So, if you have successfully found them, it means the rabbit you are currently handling is male. So what should you check further?

There are two torpedo-shaped bulges below the skin in the groin region that are covered with fur and mostly have purple color. 

The scrotum is very fluffy and invisible due to thick fur. So if you are having difficulty in examining the scrotum, dip the rabbit in the water, so the fur will get wet and you’ll have a clear structure in front of you. 

The scrotum is an even more clearer sign than the penis. But if your rabbit is less than 10 weeks old, you won’t be able to find the clear scrotum. In the mature rabbit, testicles can be seen very easily.

But what if you don’t find any of these structures? Look again. Still can’t? Then, look for the female signs.

Look for the openings

Now it’s time to finally look and check whether your rabbit has a vulva or a penis. This can be easily done if you gently press the whole genital area. One side will have an anal opening, then comes the reproductive tract, and if you see another opening instead of the penis, it is a genital opening.

Genital opening is somehow far from the tail. Female rabbits have an I-shaped opening. You can enter your finger in the vagina if you put some pressure on the slit-like structure.

Summing up, the opening near the tail is the anal opening while the one farther from the tail is the genital opening.

There is another key difference in both openings. The anal opening is surrounded by a fixed anal ring and is slightly harder than the genital hole.

Identified gender? It’s time to double-check

sex of the rabbit

Have you found the vulva or the penis? Either way, double-check your findings. Sometimes, the penis seems more tube-like and clear.

If your analysis shows that your rabbit is female, then look again for the lips. Even if you find the petal-shape structure, it shows the presence of a vulva.

Relying merely on physical characteristics is not enough

Some people say that you can judge the sex of the rabbit if you keenly observe the habits and physical appearance o the rabbit. But as a matter of fact, this is not the right approach.

Rabbits vary greatly in their shapes and sizes, so if you want to be completely sure of the sex, you should not merely rely on the physical characteristics.

Visit the vet for final verification

Although, you can easily check the gender of your rabbit at home, if you are not an expert at it, you should visit the veterinarian for the final answer. It is highly recommended to take final verification from your vet if you want to know this for breeding purposes.

Final thoughts

Now you have gone through is the ultimate guide for gender help. Do you have any additional ideas, tips, or tricks to share with us? If you can help us by sharing your experiences about the relevant topic or have some unique techniques to find the gender of the rabbit, you are welcomed.

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