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Can A Rabbit Survive A Broken Back? 5 Warning Signs

Can A Rabbit Survive A Broken Back? 5 Warning Signs

Rabbits are small creatures with relatively fragile backbones. So, if you are a pet owner or an experienced rabbit keeper, you may face the broken backbone problems of the rabbits. So you might be wondering can a rabbit survive a broken back?

There are many occasions when rabbits may get fractures or backbone injuries, but the situation gets enormously words when the spinal cord of your rabbit hurts badly. 

This brings up the question,

Can a rabbit survive a broken back? 

The answer is YES and NO. The fact is the survival of the bunny entirely depends on the severity of the backbone fracture. 

Moreover, it also depends on the part of the spinal cord that gets hurt. If the backbone breaks at several places, it will impact the survival rate of the bunny. 

So, it is too early to predict anything before examining the severity of the fracture. 

If the breaks are small, there is a strong possibility that the rabbit will survive. 

But in some cases, when a major portion of the spinal cord gets hurt, it may lead to nerve damage in the rabbits. 

Causes Of The Broken Back in The Bunny

rabbit survive a broken back

Before going into the deeper details, we must understand what is the actual cause behind the fracture. It will not only help to figure out the solution but also necessary to predict the survival rate.

Falling or jumping  

The backbone of the rabbit is extremely flexible. On the other hand, we all know that rabbits love to jump and hop up. In many cases, they do not jump very high, but on rare occasions, they get too elated and excited, and blindly jump, or fall from something like the chair or anything like that.

As a result, the major impact is on the backbone of the rabbit and it gets hurt.

Surgical treatment

During the surgical and anesthetic treatment, rabbits easily get uncomfortable and irritated. As a result, they can get injured and resist the masks. 

Although vets are cautious about surgical processes, often bunny becomes uncontrollable and the backbone is badly affected. 

Jerks and twists

rabbit survive a broken back

Rabbits have soft hearts, and they easily get startled. So, whenever they hear a sudden loud noise or shocking sound, they uncontrollably twist their heads. In many cases, this slight movement of the head results in a severe fracture.

Basically, it imbalances the whole body, and the backbone is jolted away. It is one of the main causes of backbones fractures or breaks.

Improper handling by the pet keepers

As we have discussed earlier that rabbits’ backbones could not withstand the strain, improper handling of the bunnies gives rise to unnatural movements of the rabbit’s body and it easily gets hurt.

A tight grip, wrong cuddling, or a very tight grip can lead to severe backbone fracture, as the spine of the bunny is more fragile and sensitive than you think.

It is strongly advised by the rabbit keepers and owners to handle the rabbits very carefully and hold them in the hands in a position that does not allow the bunny to move his legs. Otherwise, any unusual jerk can create a big medical problem.

Lack of exercise

The backbone of the lazy rabbit is vulnerable to fractures and other backbone issues. Muscular layers and specialized tissues surround the backbone of the rabbit, and they become weak and sensitive due to the lack of exercise.

So, if your rabbit does not like to play or enjoy in the company of other friends, offer him special treats whenever he tries to play or run after the mates. 

There are several reasons due to which rabbits find it difficult to exercise such as:

  • Lack of enough space.
  • No encouragement
  • Ripe age of the rabbit
  • Illness
  • Malnutrition

And some other causes!

So, if you can figure out the cause of the rabbit’s laziness, do not waste more time and immediately look for the solutions. 

Why The Rabbit’s Backbone Is So Vulnerable To Fractures?

rabbit survive a broken back

Rabbits greatly differ from other similar creatures anatomically. The main difference is the complete absence of cauda equina that is the pack of nerves around the spinal cord. It controls many muscular activities of the rabbits including bowel movements. 

Due to the absence of this pack of nerves, rabbits are greatly vulnerable to paralysis and other backbone illnesses. Moreover, they may also lose leg movements and voluntary control of the upper part of the body.

Due to these reasons, the rabbits more easily get affected by a broken backbone.

Is There Any Chance Of Rabbit’s Survival After The Backbone Fracture?

Whenever there is a backbone fracture, the rabbit loses the voluntary nervous control of the upper portion of the body. It can even lead to complete paralysis. Thus, the fact is that any kind of fracture in the backbone of the bunny loses all the movement. 

If you are unsure about the effects or symptoms of the broken bone, touch any upper part of the rabbit’s body. If he does not show any reaction to the stimulus, try to pinch the area. Still no movement? The bone is broken for sure.

Swelling, extreme distress and loss of bladder control are some of the symptoms that clearly indicate the broken bone. Such severe symptoms also reveal that even if your bunny can survive, he is extremely sick and there are chances that he will soon die if not cared for properly. 

broken back

The Bottom Line

The vet visit is very important whenever your rabbit’s backbone gets injured. But make sure to keep the movement of the bunny minimum during the travel. A hospital visit is necessary for any kind of surgery and treatment. 

In such cases, do not pick up your bunny hands, so that the spine may tweak and can double the pain. 

As a home remedy, learn to properly position the rabbit and restrict his motion as much as possible. 

You can easily do this by placing the rabbit on the stable surface and keeping him inside the cage until you bring it for the vet’s visit.

I hope your rabbit will survive if there is not much damage to the nervous system. 

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