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Bunny Pet Guide For Beginners: 7 Amazing Tips No One Will Tell You

Bunny Pet Guide For Beginners: 7 Amazing Tips No One Will Tell You

Keeping pet rabbits is not that easy. But if you have basic knowledge about bunny diseases, habits, characteristics, and behavioral adaptations, you can not only enjoy their presence but also litter train them. So before keeping rabbits as pets, read this bunny pet guide for beginners to know almost all the essential things about bunnies. 

Getting my point? great.

This article will not only guide you about the tips that experienced pet owners have acquired after years of experience but also answer all the basic questions that may pop up in your mind as a new bunny owner.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with this ultimate bunny pet guide.

1. Choose Bunny-Only Vets For Bunny Checkups

There are many experienced vets out there. Most of them have vast experience in dealing with various kinds of pets including dogs and cats. But bear in mind, bunnies are extremely fragile and sensitive animals and not every vet can treat and handle them properly. 

You might ask:

What’s the solution? Are there any bunny-only vets available in the market?

Well, the answer is a bit logical. Although there are not many bunny-only vets available in the market, there are some vets who are experienced in treating the bunnies, and not cats and dogs. Dog or cat vet may not provide you all the services that you need for your bunny. 

2. Immediately Spay/Neuter The Bunny Who Need It

bunny pet guide for beginners

If you observe some strange and annoying habits in some of your pet rabbits, consider spaying them. Delaying this can lead to a lot of problems. Moreover, as a new pet owner, you may not have litter trained your rabbits yet, so it is more likely to get irritated instead of being calm and relaxed. 

But the fact is,

Excessive production of unwanted litter means your rabbit needs to be neutered. 

But the problem is, as a new pet keeper, you may not be able to figure out the problem with your rabbit. That’s why you alone cannot decide whether your rabbit is producing an unwanted litter, or everything is just normal.

Here is the kicker for you.

Besides the litter signs, there are other symptoms like aggression and marking territory that clearly indicates that your rabbit badly needs to be spayed. 

Spaying the rabbits will not only protect them from cancer but also control their bad behavior. So, whenever you observe any changes in the overall behavior of your rabbit, try to figure out the root cause.

3. Litter Train Your Bunnies

bunny pet guide for beginners

The rabbits may seem naughty, but they can be easily litter trained. It is one of the reasons to prefer them as pets, instead of dogs and other animals who cannot be trained so easily like rabbits. 

Whenever they poop anywhere else, instead of the litter box, place them in the box again and again. Very soon they learn to do all their business in one place. 

Here it is worth mentioning that you should not keep the litter box too clean to be pooped. So, always put some harmless dry poop remains in the box, you can also add pellet horse bedding to create awareness in the rabbit about the pooping site.

4. Focus On Your Bunny’s Diet

It is quite natural that your bunny will take some time in getting familiar with the new place. But if your rabbit is ignoring the meals too much, you should add a more delicious and versatile diet in the bunny’s house. 

Rabbits are vegetable-lovers, so do not forget to add salads to the daily diet. Rabbits also like bananas and chocolates. 

If you have tried your best to feed the rabbit, but it is still ignoring, use this technique:

Offer him a treat. 

The treat may include carrots and raisins, so your rabbit will love it. Some other favorite dishes of the rabbits include unlimited hay, limited pellets, and a carrot salad

But try not to be too friendly with the bunny, otherwise, he will keep on demanding his favorite treats.

5. Keep Rabbit First Aid Kit In Your Home

Indeed, you are not a doctor and you should not give any kind of medicine to the bunny without the recommendation of the vet. But it does not mean that you should remain entirely ignorant of the bunny diseases and illnesses.

As a pet keeper, it is your responsibility to keep a strict eye on the rabbits, so they will not get hurt. 

Nowadays, there are many rabbit first aid kits available in the markets, you must have some sound knowledge about the pain and fracture symptoms of the bunny illness. 

It is a big plus if you learn to figure out the reasons behind the rabbit’s illnesses and diseases.

6. Let Your Rabbit Play & Exercise

bunny pet guide

Many new pet keepers neglect the importance of exercise, thus keep the rabbits confined in the cage for most of the time. As a result, rabbits face a lot of inactivity problems and backbone issues. 

Even if your rabbit seems shy or lazy, at least spend one hour with your bunnies at an open place, and let them play, jump and exercise to the fullest. 

There are other recreational bunny activities as well that keep the rabbits engaged, such as playing with toys, digging the burrows, or chewing the carrots. 

To make them feel more excited, you can offer some treats during outdoor playtime. Bear in mind, bunnies not only need exercise and stimulation but also enjoy the treats as well. Take help from this bunny pet guide for beginners.

7. Build Up A Lovely Relationship

bunny pet guide

The average lifespan of the rabbit is 8-12 years. Treat your rabbit affectionately as every creature understands the language of love. Your pet bunny is going to be your long-term partner and will remain with you for years and years. 

Bunnies warmly respond to warm hugs and kisses and show cute jumping and soft touches whenever you show the gestures of love. 

Follow This Bunny Pet Guide For Beginners!

Now you have read these wonderful and essential tips for your pet bunnies, have you planned to try them? Which of the above-mentioned ideas do you like the most? 

Building up an emotional relationship or litter training of the rabbits?

Either way, do a quick comment right now and share your thoughts with us.

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