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Here is what you need to know about bunny behavior and body language.

Here is what you need to know about bunny behavior and body language.

Do you want to learn what your fluff-ball is feeling right now? Have you ever observed your bunny twisting and jumping in the air or doing a sprightly dance?

We are going to crack the code and see it under the surface.

But you need to learn behavioral signs for this. Rabbits make the use of their tails, ears, nose, and other body parts to inform us and their fellows what exactly they mean.

So you should also be well prepared and ready to observe keenly.

Listen! We have gathered everything here in this article so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Let’s discuss the A-Z of bunny behavior and body language.

Alert Bunny

If a rabbit is looking at a certain direction with its ears forward, it is a very high alert. When rabbits are alert, they position their bodies as if they are about to run. This behavior is easy to spot because it happens so often.

Alert Bunny

If you don’t hear anything but your bunny is still on alert, it means there are some things his sharp ears can detect, that you can’t.

Butt twitching

If you serve your rabbit with its favorite food, like hay or lettuce, it will twitch its butt to show gratitude. It shows that your bunny is enjoying the food you’ve given, and he is very happy eating it.

Chewing activity

As we know that the teeth of rabbits are continuously growing, so they chew a lot. They chew anything from furniture, wires, baseboards, etc.

They have to chew because their teeth need this effort, but if you have a bunny in your house, he may destruct something, so try to protect your precious things and clothes and make them rabbit-proof.

Rabbit flop

Rabbits do flop when they are tired or feeling bored. So if you observe this floppy behavior, try to play with them or give them a treat.

Bunny flop is comical and the rabbit is overall satisfied, yet tired, and nothing else.

Chinning behavior

The chins of the rabbits contain special scent glands. So if any bunny rubs its chin to anything, it means he wants to make sure that the item belongs to him. Moreover, bunnies also define their territories by using this scent technique.

 You can observe this behavior in territorial rabbits, but you can’t feel the scent.

If your pet rabbit is doing the same thing, and rubbing his chin with the sides of the table, or wall corner, it means he is trying to define his territory as well as showing the possession.

If you come home with the scent of any other animal, your rabbit will chin on your clothes. Because he wants to tell you that you are his owner and he loves you.

This is an interesting behavior, indeed!


Rabbits play like human babies. When they want to play, they jump on everything and move fastly here and there.

If your pet bunny is jumping on the furniture or running in a relaxed style, it shows he is playing.

Nipping or biting behavior

When the bunny wants to grab your attention or ask you to leave their way, they softly nip on your toe or finger. But don’t worry, a rabbit’s nip is softer than a bit. It is a respectful and lovely way.

But, if the rabbit bites you in an awkward and painful manner, it shows that he hates you and doesn’t want to live in your house. This is not a common cause. There are other valid reasons for the rabbit’s biting. He may think that food or a predator is approaching him, so he bites.

Do you want to stop this behavior of your rabbit? Here is a trick. Shout and give a loud cry, and your bunny will soon know that his biting has teased you. Rabbits have a poor up-close vision, so your loud cry can be very helpful for them.


Does your rabbit run around your feet at times? It really seems so funny. But do you know why does he do this? He wants to show you deep love and excitement. Mostly, rabbits also produce a cute oinking sound that further explains their enthusiasm.

This happens mostly when you serve them with their favorite food or your pet bunnies see their owners after a long time.

Curious and cautious rabbit

Curious and cautious behaviors are almost similar.  Rabbits walk on their tiptoe, alert their ears and keenly look at their object of interest. Moreover, if their curiosity rises above normal, the smell and keep on moving toward the object.

It looks really fascinating when rabbits do so without any apparent reason.

Spraying and dropping the territories

Rabbits spray to define their territory. Un-neutered males separate their boundaries by spraying them with urine. Some rabbits also mark their boundaries by scattering their droppings in small amounts. They don’t pile up the dropping instead they use it to define their boundaries.


It is an instinct of the rabbit to dig. Pet rabbits are no exception, even if we try to stop this habit, they still dig. Rabbits are natural burrowers. Pet rabbits usually dig in the corners or move their paws in a way as if they are digging.

They can destroy your rugs, plastic mats, or clothes. They love to dig anything and you can’t stop them.

However, territorial rabbits have wonderful opportunities for burrowing and they make small tunnels called warrens.

Shrill scream

Shrill screams of the rabbits show that they are in distress. They scream when they are in a very dangerous situation. For example, if the rabbit is in the hands of a predator or dying. An extremely sick bunny also screams.

So never ignore the shrill screams of your rabbit.

Final words

Learn to understand the rabbits and they will obey you more!

Rabbits are lovely and adorable pets and they can surprise you with their interesting actions.

We have gathered some interesting points and hope that you enjoy this article.

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