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5 Rabbit’s Ear Cleaning Tips That You May not Know

5 Rabbit’s Ear Cleaning Tips That You May not Know

If you are a pet owner, you may need to clean your rabbit’s ear many times a week. It is a simple task as well as a difficult task to clean your rabbit’s ears.

Cleaning the rabbit’s ears is easy in the sense that it will not take much of your effort. You can easily do this as the ears are long and broad enough to be examined properly without much struggle. 

But it can be a difficult task as well.

You might be wondering…

So, let us explain.

The rabbit’s ears are very sensitive and whenever someone tries to touch the long ears of a rabbit, it feels uncomfortable and irritated. 

This brings up the question:

Why is it necessary to clean the rabbit’s ear so often?”

The answer is quite reasonable. Any kind of dust and dirt particles cause the breeding of mites and bacteria inside the ears and lead to bigger illnesses and ear infections.

Want to know the first thing to handle the cleaning process?

The fact is when you try to hold your rabbit, it may kick, bite, or scratch to get free. Sometimes the bunny becomes extremely scared and you can never control the frightened bunny. 

In a nutshell, the whole process starts from building up trust with your rabbit and then using the most comfortable techniques to clean your rabbit’s ears. 

Want to know how you can do all this?

Stick around!

Prepare Your Bunny

It is a common practice that when the buildup is accumulated, the rabbit screams and creates a lot of fuss whenever you try to clean the ears. So the first step is to calm your rabbit.

Keep Your Rabbit Calm

If you fail to build a friendly rapport with your rabbit, you can never proceed further. Few tips can help you to achieve this milestone. 

  • The first one is to play with your rabbit and be frank and friendly. In the play process, use rabbit-friendly toys and other objects that can attract the bunny towards you.
  • Pet the rabbit and remove all of his fear. You should softly and gently pet the rabbit’s hairs, fur, head, and ears. Once the bunny is accustomed to this, he will not feel shy and frightened. Moreover, there will be minimal chances of getting him hurt and feel sad when you touch his body parts.
  • Try to gently hold him in your hands, so he will feel that you are just gonna hug him, and he will become used to getting held.

While using all the above techniques to calm down your rabbit, never bring it too high up the ground. This action can offend your rabbit as rabbits love the ground level and do not like to be pulled up.

Do Not Let Him Run Away

Before starting the process of cleaning, it is necessary to keep rabbits tight in the hands of someone he trusts. In most cases, rabbits find the easiest solution and run away quickly. 

Well, you should curve your arm around the rabbit and stop him from jumping. 

But listen!

Never push the bunny down in the whole process. Holding down the rabbit’s body is something that will alert the rabbit’s ears, and he will begin feeling startled when you touch his ears.

The heart of the matter is that…

If your rabbit trusts you, you can easily place him on the table and gently check his ears for buildup. All you need to do is to hold the ears while cleaning them. 

Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Ear

The tip and canal of the rabbit’s ears are extra sensitive, so try to hold it gently and get started.

Let’s study the cleaning process step by step.

Grasp The Rabbit’s Ear & Observe Blockage

Looking thoroughly into the canal will give you an insight into the rabbit’s ears’ irritation and blockage. For this purpose, gently grasp the ear using your thumb and index fingers. 

Manipulating the ear is also a quite fine and considerable thing in this step, but avoid touching the middle portion of the ear, as it is a highly fragile portion of the bunny’s ear and he may try to run even if he trusts you.

Notable Buildup? Use Tweezers To Clean Rabbit’s Ear

If you have found considerable debris, such as mite debris or wax, try to remove the larger part gently using the tweezers. If you try to push it, it will go deep, so if your bunny is silent and relaxed, still use the very soft techniques.

It is highly advised to avoid pulling or picking. So tweezer is only used to remove the loose debris. 

You might ask…

How should I remove the sticky debris? Stick Around!

Apply Solution to Get Rid Of Sticky Debris

rabbit's ear

Nowadays, a lot of commercial products are available in the market to remove sticky debris from your rabbit’s ears. However, we suggest using home remedies first. But you can always talk to the vet if your rabbit is already suffering from some ear disease.

We recommend using the honey home remedy or peroxide method, although no one can deny the importance of commercial products formulated for rabbits’ ears. In some cases, it is safer to neglect home remedies and opt for commercial products.

However, we love to mention some home remedies for pet owners.

  • In the honey method, you should mix equal amounts of honey and water, and introduce this mixture into the rabbit’s ears twice a day. The sticky debris will convert into a loose mass in only one week, and you can easily remove it.
  • You can also use the peroxide method in which we suggest dumping the cotton swab in the hydrogen peroxide and wipe the inner portion of the rabbit’s ear. Within a few days, you will see the results.

Final Verdict

Now you read about the cleaning process of bunny’s ears, it is worth mentioning that you should also maintain a clean and healthy environment, so the debris will not get accumulated so often. So, avoid recontamination, and share your experiences with us as well.

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