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Amazing Truths About Rabbit Hearing Frequency That Might Shock You

Amazing Truths About Rabbit Hearing Frequency That Might Shock You

Do you know what is the optimum rabbit hearing frequency? Why do rabbits swivel their ears so rapidly? How does the hearing ability of rabbits help them to detect their predators and other threats?

Well, this article is going to be an interesting detailed guide on rabbit’s hearing frequency range and will also reveal how well rabbits can hear. 

Let’s get started. 

Scientific Facts About Rabbit Hearing Frequency Range

rabbit hearing frequency range

According to the careful estimate, the rabbit hearing frequency is anywhere between 96Hz-49,000Hz. 

Sounds interesting?

This range of frequency is almost 3x times greater than human beings, who can hear only up to 20,000Hz. Even it is far greater than dogs. So the fact is, there is a logic behind the long ears of rabbits and they can detect sounds from up to 2 miles away. This, whenever you see rabbits swiveling their ears, you should immediately understand that they are trying to detect sounds from different parts. 

Why Do Rabbits Have Good Sense Of Hearing?

The evolutionary history of the rabbits reveals that they were very alert animals and had to face the sudden attacks of the predators. Being very sensitive and fragile creatures, they had no means to proceed themselves from predators. These prey animals found the solution in the evolution of their hearing and started detection of even the minor sounds. 

It is due to these reasons rabbits still have a strong hearing capacity. 

You may have noticed your rabbit immediately in the ready-to-run position at even the slight jerk of the table. They still use their excellent hearing capacities to hide from predators and interact with human beings. 

Although a pet rabbit does not need to be afraid of predators, we cannot deny the fact that there are still many predators like cats and dogs, if you are not ready to protect your rabbit in specialized condos. 

So, always keep in mind that rabbits can detect minor dangers and even if they are not always right, they are sensible enough to tell where you are in the house, or if another animal is nearby. 

Can Newborn Rabbits hear?

rabbit hearing frequency

Have you ever thought about the hearing capacity of newborn rabbits? It seems quite interesting to know about the rabbits who are just born. Like all other baby pets, they are extremely small and hairless.

The most captivating part is that they are blind and deaf too. 

I bet you may not have noticed this aspect of their lives before. But the reality is quite amazing to know that:

“Baby rabbits are deaf when they are born”. 

What happens next is even more gorgeous. They slowly acquire their vision and hearing capacity. So if your new baby rabbit is slowly gaining fur, you should understand that it is getting sight and sound too. 

But there is another side of the story as well. 

I hope you are with me when I say that there is a possibility that a rabbit comes into the world with a genetic defect and is completely deaf for its entire life. 

What Are Some Signs Of The Deaf Rabbit?

If you are an experienced and careful rabbit owner and pet keeper, you can feel the rabbit’s deafness after the close examination of the symptoms. 

The good news is, if you can detect this problem early, there is strong evidence that you can prevent the problem from getting worse. 

Let’s discuss what kind of behavior your rabbit will show if he is deaf. 

You have a lot of rabbits with good hearing ability. But when you notice a rabbit who is completely indifferent to sounds and is not responding accordingly, such as not swiveling the ears in the direction of the sound, you should realize that he is deaf. 

Moreover, when you call your rabbits, they will respond to your voice. But if any of your rabbits is not responding even if you call by some specific name. 

Here it is worth mentioning that in some cases a deaf rabbit can pick up some specific frequencies. 

In such circumstances, rabbits are deaf to some frequencies but are responsive to others. It is quite easier to understand the severity of the problem as you can perform several hearing tests and find out the behavior of normal rabbits and deaf rabbits to the same stimulus. 

Deafness in the rabbits can lead to various health issues and anxiety. So, you may notice a lot of behavioral and emotional disturbances in the rabbits. 

What Is The Structure Of The Rabbit’s Ear And How It Is Associated With Hearing?

rabbit hearing frequency

As we know that the ears of the rabbits are very tall, we can assume that they represent the high hearing ability of the rabbit. 

The tall scoop detects the sound waves and funnels them to the inner ear. 

You might wonder but it is important to state that rabbits have the remarkable ability to rotate their ears up to 270 degrees so that they can catch sounds from almost all directions. 

The amazing part?

The rabbits can rotate one ear independently of the other. So you may observe your rabbit listening silently to some sound with the movement of only one ear. 

The sound waves that are caught by the outer ear pass through the ear canal and reach the eardrum. Keep in mind that the eardrum is located in the middle ear. 

An air-filled cavity is present just at the end of the ear canal. This is the middle ear. Its function is to prevent the dampening of the sound waves as well as their loss in the inner ear. 

In the inner ear, there is a fluid-filled cochlea, and the basilar membrane runs alongside it. This membrane is directly affected by the frequency of the sound wave and vibrates at different areas depending upon the intensity. 

Final Words

Now you have read this interesting article about the hearing range and capacities of the rabbits. Do a quick comment right now and share what seemed most interesting to you.

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