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7 Creative & Proven Ways To Reduce Stress In Rabbits

7 Creative & Proven Ways To Reduce Stress In Rabbits

Stress in rabbits is very common. being alert and sensitive animals, rabbits easily get scared or stressed out due to any noise or any other changes in their surroundings. The reasons for the bunny’s stress depend on the external environmental conditions. 

If your rabbit is already suffering from the stress or you want to have a look at some preventive techniques, this article can help.

So here are some tips for rabbit owners that will help them to fight the stress conditions of their bunny.

Let’s dive deep.

Do Not Hold Your Bunny Tightly

stress in rabbits

All of us consider hugging as the most important part of affection and as the surest way of love. But this is not gonna work in the case of bunnies. Do not expect them to be responsive if you hug them or hold them tight in your hands. 

Do you know what your rabbit will think if you put him tightly in your hands?

He will feel trapped and hate you. He will become scared, try to escape out of your hands. It can reduce your overall mind collaboration with your bunny as well, and he can become entirely afraid of your personality. 

Give Him Some Place To Hide

If you keep a strict eye on your bunny or keep on observing him all the time, your bunny will start feeling pressurized and uncomfortable. The best solution is to provide the bunnies with some space so they can hide whenever they feel shy or confused. 

It will not only reduce the stress level of your bunny but also boost up the overall confidence. Your rabbit will remain hidden until he will become brave enough to face the things again.

Do Not Make Noise Around Him

If you are a pet owner and have kept your bunny in a noisy place to give him company, you must change the way you think. A constant amount of noise is not only dangerous for the hearing ability of humans beings but also causes stress in rabbits. 

But the fact is, 

You can not maintain a completely silent house, as there can be family gossips, kids shouting, and other activities. So what should you do as the permanent solution?

Here is the kicker for you.

Completely avoiding the noise may not be good for your bunny as he may feel bored. So try to maintain the noise level as low as possible instead of completely vanishing the noises. 

In this way, even if the sounds come into the bunny’s room from outside, he will learn to manage them without getting stressed. Another solution is to keep your bunny in a pace or room where there are very minimal chances of outside noise.

Thus, the heart of the matter is to keep the noise levels at a bearable level and avoid the loud sounds. So you have to sacrifice a bit if you like to listen to very loud music.

Keep Your Bunny Away From Water

Bunnies are water-repelling creatures and cannot withstand moist or wet conditions. The biggest reason for your bunny can be gives exposure to the large quantity of water.

If you want to avoid all the disadvantages of bunny’s stress, check out whether he fears the water or not. if he fears, the only reason is the exposure of the bunny to water for a longer time.

Give Some Toys

Your bunny may not always feel comfortable with human beings and even other bunny fellows. He needs some other unique entertainment too. So buy some bunny toys and present them to your bunny. 

It will not only reduce the stress of the bunny but will save him from future stress as well. 

Toys can engage the bunnies mentally, and they will not fall prey to stress very soon. Playing with toys is one of the enrichment activities that will enhance the mental health of the bunny as well. 

Then what are you waiting for?

Go to the market and buy some awesome toys for your bunny. 

Keep Your Bunny Indoors

Once you bring your bunny out of your home, again and again, he will watch a lot of cats and dogs everywhere.  Very soon, the bunnies will experience fluctuating weather conditions or will start fearing their predators. 

It is one of the biggest reasons for the rabbit’s stress. All you need to do is to keep him indoors all the time, no matter how large or small is!

If you are a keen pet keeper, you will realize the improvement in the stress of your bunny by keeping him indoors. 

Offer Your Rabbit Yummy Treats

Rabbits simply love the person who, offers them treats every day. Try to complete the instinctual needs of the bunny and serve him with his favorite food items. 

He will soon get frank, stress-free, and be your friend in no time. 

 Wrapping Up The Discussion on Reducing Stress In Rabbits

When it comes to preventing the stress in rabbits, all you need to do is to provide your bunny with a lot of specialized attention. 

Now you have read all about the ways to reduce stress in rabbits, which of the following tips did you like the most?

Giving him a hiding place or stop making noise?

Either way, do s quick comment right now.

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