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7 Amazing Signs That Show Your Rabbit Loves You

7 Amazing Signs That Show Your Rabbit Loves You

You love your rabbit and obviously loves to know what he thinks about you. What are some signs that show your rabbit loves you? Want to know the subtle signs that your rabbit gives as an expression of love?

Well, great! Me too!

As it is a common proverb, love begets love, so your pet’s love expression will make you more considerate towards it. 

But the fact is, and we all know that rabbits cannot utter even a single word to express their love. They cannot communicate with us.

The good news is that…

They do show some clear-cut signs of love and sympathy. Can’t wait? Let’s get started.

Signs That Show Your Rabbit Loves You

Rabbits make the use of body language to express their love. Let’s break each element down for a detailed look.

  1. Running Around You In Circular Track

There can be many reasons behind your rabbit running around your feet. But recent research shows that it is a sign of gratitude and affection by the bunnies. So if you often confuse it with begging or playing, the good news is that it is a clear and amazing sign that your bunny loves you more than anyone else in the home. 

It also shows that your bunny is not only happy with you but also wants to thank you for everything that you do for him.

  1. Licking and Grooming

Want to know the clearest indication that your rabbit loves you? You may have noticed many times that a bunny licks your feet, clothes, skin, or hair and even sometimes he starts grooming any other piece of cloth or sofa wrap near you. During the process of grooming, he not only licks but also nips you slightly. It does not mean that he wants to harm you. 

But the fact is,

Rabbits are more sensible creatures than we think. He wants to groom you and know what can be your possible reaction. 

In most cases, this happens when the bunny is licking, he stretches his lips in the smiling position to maximize the love expression. 

The worst part?

The whole emotional scene gets broken if the rabbit hears any sudden loud noise or someone enters the room. 

  1. Wanting a Head Rub

You may have seen a lot of babies rubbing their heads on their mom’s laps. It shows that the baby wants the mother to do all things that he wants like feeding or playing. 

The same is the case with rabbits. They love you more than a baby does to his mother. When they? want head rubs and sit around you unexpectedly, let them feel the warmth of your touch. 

Even if he wants you to do anything from playing to demanding your overall attention, do exactly as he directs. 

  1. Tooth-Clicking

Your rabbit loves you but you are not paying him the due attention. Why? 

There can be many reasons behind that. Sometimes you are busy or depressed due to daily-life events. In such cases, you cannot pay proper attention to your bunny. 

So, the bunny, who loves you, starts clicking the tooth and trying to grab your attention by continually rubbing the teeth together in the most attention-grabbing manner. 

This is a soft sound but you can easily hear, as the bunny will do it by coming very close. 

At this time, please give him due attention and answer his lovely gestures by not ignoring him. 

  1. Binkying

Have you ever seen your bunny leaping in the air and flapping its ears around? That’s great, your rabbit is binkying.

What does that mean? Why does he do this? 

It not only shows that your bunny loves you but also reveals that your bunny is confident, and not afraid. He is totally happy with you. 

You can enjoy this situation by synchronizing with the bunny’s attitude. So, feel free to jump slightly and dance sprightly with your bunny. In this way, your rabbit will also come to know that you love him as well. 

  1. Following You Everywhere

Want to know the surest sign that your bunny loves you whole-heartedly? 

Well, that is: Following you everywhere. 

If your bunny is silently chasing you everywhere from room to room and even stands in front of the bathroom, it is the perfect sign that your bunny loves you. Another sign is that he will even take risks for you and keep on following you in the dark places and strange rooms. And when you look at your back, he will immediately stop and start watching you as if nothing has happened. 

  1. Lie Down Next To You

Pet bunnies often seem like cute babies. They feel entirely comfortable in your presence and become aware of your scent. If you are an experienced pet owner, you may already know that the bunnies often join the pet keepers on their couch and behave as perfect family members. 

Even on special occasions and parties, they perfectly behave as lovely friends and often lie with you. If they can’t lie with you like when you are in the backyard, they will keep on sitting around you. 

What If Your Rabbit Does Not Show Any Of The Signs?

If you have more than one bunny, you may have noticed that some of them show love gestures while others seem fearful or indifferent.

It can be a very perplexing situation for you. But take it easy. Rabbits are shy creatures, so most of the rabbits need much more time, to be frank, and be able to stand close to humans. 

So, even if you are properly taking care of your bunnies, their love gestures may vary from time to time. Keep on showing your love and compassion, you will soon notice some of the clear signs that show that your rabbit loves you. 

The Bottom Line

Now you have read all about signs that your bunny loves you, which of the lovely love gestures did you like the most? licking or binkying? 

Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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