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Pet bunnies do feel love. A bunny is a bit of a posh animal when it comes to showing that you love them. This is because as humans, we compare them to dogs when in reality, a rabbit is nothing like a dog or any other pet animal. The human should also express their ways to tell your bunnies you love them.

The best way to show your bunny’s love is to make sure they have fresh hay and water all the time, and that you give them some vegetables every day. If you are trying to bond with your rabbit so that they come to you for cuddles, then you would definitely try sitting on the floor with them and offering them a piece of their favorite treat like apple, banana etc. Once they are comfortable coming to you, you can start petting them and maybe try to carry them up.

As long as you look after your bunny and give them things to play with even just a pen or a box, anything for that matter, they will understand that you are looking out for them.  You give them slow ear, forehead, and back rubs.


1. Know all about them

All of the rabbits have incredible personalities. The best way to get to know them is to spend time with them & for them to get to know you too. You will be able to tell what is normal behavior and what is not & that will help you spot very quickly when they may be ill once you get to know everything about their character and their cute funny ways.

2. Adding a fun factor to their day

Rabbits like physical activity & plenty of it. So, show that you care about your rabbit by giving them your time, morning and evening, for their special time of exercise. Yeah, they should have a house that is still large enough for them to run around in but rabbits enjoy finding new places outside their home. Build a nice playground area for them, whether indoors or outside, and have lots of fun watching them. It is going to be something that they look forward to every day.

3. Never let them go alone.

Did you know that a solitary rabbit can get depressed? Rabbits hate it too much to be lonely & enjoy friends. To prove that you care by having a mate for your rabbit. It would be necessary to neuter/spay all rabbits and bond them properly. For bonding bunnies, many rabbit rescues provide facilities. If you can’t have more than one rabbit, for your rabbit to live like a house rabbit! They have you and your family as a corporation in this sense, because they don’t waste a lot of time alone outside.

4. Fuss over them

For a very long time, many rabbits want to be fussed and can stay very still with their head flat to the floor while you fuss them. Head rubs, nose rubs, and chin rubs are favored, but each bunny is different, and soon they’ll let you know what they enjoy most. Get alert for an arm or two that is aching!

5. Manage a food diary

There is plenty of research out there about what to feed rabbits, but when it comes to their food, every rabbit is different. Some rabbits are more susceptible to other rabbits’ stomachs. Every day, keep a food log about what you feed your rabbit, including the form of hays & make a note of whether or not the droppings of your rabbit is usual. Still, cautiously add new foods as it is very simple to disturb a rabbit’s stomach (sensitive or not).


6. Nurture their natural habitat

In so many ways, promoting normal behavior in rabbits is helpful to their welfare. Develop boxes for digging so they can have fun. Instead of putting it in one location, establish secret tunnel areas to mimic burrows and spread their food around their home a little to promote foraging.

7. Keep them calm

This is the best ways to tell your bunnies you love them. Rabbits dislike being depressed and their welfare may be affected by it. When you are nervous too, they will even pick up. It can be very hard for them to drive them to the vets. Place inside the pet carrier some of their hay or a rug, from their house, because they have a smell, they are familiar with and this will help relax them. To better keep them calm, you might even use a little Pet treatment soothing spray.

8. Pamper them foolishly

Don’t just pamper them in their homes with gadgets and comfy sheets. By doing daily health checks, pamper them. When checking your rabbit’s fitness, daily grooming, checking their nails, eyes & ears are only a few things you can do. Often a smart idea is to get your own small first aid kit.

9. Keep them safe

It is important to keep rabbits safe indoors or outside because the better they feel, the happier and more confident they will be. Ensure that their outside home is properly predator-proof and secure, and ensure that all dangers are far out of control indoors. They will still have an environment they can call their own and have hideouts in this field, so they have a place to go to hide where they can feel protected if they ever get spooked.

10. Keep to a schedule

Rabbits enjoy a routine and would be thankful to you for upholding it. Knowing and adhering to their schedule would make them very comfortable and comfortable. Without distracting them, consider making them take their naps throughout the day. Try to maintain feeding time every day at about the same time as rabbits will surely know when their feeding time is getting late and they will be looking for you! It’s like the watches they wear!

Gaining the faith of a rabbit

When trying to win the confidence of your bunny and telling them WAYS TO TELL YOUR BUNNIES YOU LOVE THEM!, there are a couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Don’t often keep them. Rabbits prefer to keep their paws on the ground so that when they hear danger, they can run away easily.
  • Be in silence. Rabbits are quickly frightened by noisy sounds and stressed out, so it’s best to keep the living environment of your rabbit as quiet as possible.
  • Interact on their level.
  • Don’t get them cornered.
  • Give toys to them.
  • Spending time with them

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