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10 most fascinating Facts about bunnies

10 most fascinating Facts about bunnies

Rabbits are not only cute, carrot-munching creatures, but they also exhibit some unbelievable habits and actions. In fact, there are many unknown traits of rabbits that are adorable and fascinating.

Today, we have decided to discuss some of the fascinating facts about bunnies right here, with you.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Rabbits can’t vomit

Have you ever imagined how the rabbits may look when vomiting? If not, then no need to think about it anymore. Rabbits cannot vomit obviously, but why?

 Because nature has designed its digestive system in a manner that they are not able to vomit. They lack a gag reflex that initiates vomiting and nausea.

You may have a question in your mind: How do they remove toxins or excessive indigestible food?

The reason is simple but you may not like it. So due to the absence of reverse mechanisms, rabbits cannot purge their stomachs. As a result, they can become very sick if they over-eat. Their herbivorous nature makes it easy to digest the maximum food. But in some cases, A bunny can’t remove toxins out of his body, experiences digestive blockages, and ultimately dies.

Their vision covers 360 degrees

You can’t hide at the back of your rabbit, nor you can play hide-and-seek with them. Why?

Because they can see at the front, right, left, and even at the back. Their eyeballs can rotate so flexibly that bunnies can see above them and at the sides even without turning their heads a bit.

This is one of the main reasons why it is so difficult to chase and catch them.

But listen! There is a trade-off and that is the presence of a small blind spot in front of their faces.

Breed like rabbits

Rabbits are amazingly fast parents and very effective baby-makers. A rabbit starts breeding at the age of 3 to 8 months. A female rabbit gives birth to 14 kittens in one litter, while the gestation period is only about 28 to 31 days.

 We can elaborate and justify this point by informing you that there are over 45 million rabbits in the UK  alone.

So we can say that rabbits are really a “busy bunch”.

Carrot isn’t the natural diet of rabbits

You may have seen the Warner Bros cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. He keeps on eating carrots all the time. But this is against reality. So despite the fact that we often see rabbits munching on the carrots, nature has not designed their stomachs to manage too much quantity of carrots.

An Over-dose of carrots can cause their tooth decay and blockages in the digestive system.

So next time, think before giving too many carrots to your bunny.

Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing

As we know that rabbits love to chew. They chew grasses, carrots, other vegetables as well as wildflowers. This chewing mechanism is very important because it continuously wears down the permanent set of rabbit’s ever-growing teeth.

Do you have seen rabbits with extra-large teeth? Some rabbits suffer from the disease in which teeth grow above normal size and they do get so long due to the lack of proper diet or some other nutritional disorder.

Now I hope you know better why rabbits chew a lot!

Rabbits are expert jumpers

Do you know this small creature is successful in making Guinness World Records? The highest jump recorded is 3.26 feet off the ground and the farthest reached is almost 10 feet.

They can jump up to 90 centimeters in a leap.

Some rabbit keepers love to compete for the jumping abilities of their rabbits and check their pets’ agility.

If you want to choose the pet rabbit, we suggest you opt for one that is active in jumping.

Rabbits perform “binky”

If you have rabbits in your home as pets, you may have seen them twisting and kicking them in the mid-air. Why do they act like this?

If you are lucky enough to observe this scene, we also feel glad to inform you that this is the happiness gesture of the bunnies. They perform an athletic leap called “binky” when they can’t control their extreme pleasure.

Bunny is really funny at times. How cute this creature is!

They eat their own poop

This trait is not fascinating, but interesting and a bit funny trait. Rabbits sometimes eat their droppings and process them again.

 It seems really awkward but the fascinating thing is that it is good for their health and the poop is an essential and natural part of their diet.

Sometimes, they produce a special type of poop called cecotropes, which is a bit softer than normal poop and it is mainly for the purpose of eating. The reason is quite simple. Bunnies have fast-moving digestive systems and sometimes they cannot process all the nutrients in one cycle.

So they absorb the nutrients that were missed for the first time.

Rabbits groom themselves

Rabbits don’t like dust. They lick their furs and paws from time to time, just like cats.

 They clean their bodies in such an adorable way that their owners don’t need to wash or bathe them so often. This is also a reason why people love to keep these neat and clean creatures as pets.

These extremely hygienic pets know how to live in house in a well-mannered way.

Rabbits can rotate their ears 270 degrees

Large ears of rabbits not only provide a large surface area but can also rotate up to 270 degrees. As a result, rabbits can detect threats of predators even at a distance of 2 miles.

During the summer season, large ears help them to cool by escaping body heat.


 These over-sized ears are very important for the survival of rabbits.

Final words

This is not an end, rabbits have even more similar traits that you can enjoy. Observe keenly and you can see much more, for instance, the cottontail rabbit follows a zig-zag pattern to dodge its predators.

I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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